Life Tears You Up

Death, a feeling of losing someone you love, someone who’s close, someone who can mean so much more than a friend to you. Death, pain that can feel like a knife cutting through your heart. A pain that never really leaves your heart nor leaves your side, it keeps itself buried underneath itself as it rolls over time with small sections to heal. A pain where memories run through your mind and tears stream down your face when a person has moved on from Earth to Heaven, or on to the next life. A pain that kills your motivation to even bother wanting to be around people, when you’d rather sit in a place to wait for them to walk through the door, just to see them one more time. Just to have another memory made to keep you living the next day.

Death it’s the last thing that you’d ever expect, some people may give the warning signs, but decide to stay happy to keep everyone being positive, but isn’t that the idea  to remember the positive things about them rather than what could have been done or should have been done? We all encounter death differently and take a different toll to it. Life is as precious as it comes and goes, no one can explain that anymore than it’s shown. Now a days everyone takes life like its a coin something you spend and take for granted.

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Small Things

A mother’s kiss.

A cup of water.

A best friend’s hug.

A father’s smile.

A spouse’s love.

A child’s laughter.

The simple things in life are the most overlooked yet the best treasures worth dying for.  

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Painted My Toes

I painted my toes today
Bright red and green
Oh what a sight it was
I painted my toes
I was the talk of the town
Yellow flip flops
Showcasing it all
Oh what a sight indeed
I painted my toes and all noticed
I wish I was invisible.
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Trust Quote

Trust is something that takes time.

It can take years to earn yet seconds to lose.

Do not misplace trust for once it is lost…

it may never be found again.

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It is okay to fail
What isn’t okay is to give up
 So take a deep breath and learn from this

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Do not think….

Do not think or believe you are ever too old to be taught by others or to learn something. For even a child can teach you something. So, if you lack understanding? Seek it. And if you lack wisdom? Search for it. Only a fool allow their pride to get in the way of self-growth.

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How long?

How long have I known you?
Old friend
Drifting together in the ocean that is life
How long have I loved you?
With passions like the winds
At times light and gentle
At times fast and furious
How long have you know me?
Five years?
Ten years?
All my life?
How long have you loved me?
With a steadfast love like the earth
At times strong and steady
At times weak, soft, breakable
How long?
I tend to forget
All days mashed together
How long?


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Fast and Easy Snack: Apple Banana

So sometimes am lazy -comes with being a full-time student and other things- and do not really feel like cooking “cooking”, yet I am poor so I can not really afford to go out to eat or order in -You people who can order Chinese food everyday are so luck- but am hungry. So what do I do? Well, I make snacks until I have the strength to actually cook something. One of these snacks is what I have come to dubbed over the years “Apple Banana”. Guess what this recipe needs? Yep! Apples and Bananas! Ding! Ding! Ding!!!!!!

What you need

  • Knife
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cutting board
  • Frying pan (optional)
  • Seasoning or honey or sauce
  • Bowl or plate
  • Strove

How to make it

  • First, you will need to take out your apples and bananas
  • Next, wash them
  • Then cut them up. Don’t have to be perfectly sliced.
  • Placed then in a bowl or plate afterward
  • Add seasoning/honey or sauce (Can either do it now or after frying up the apples and bananas. Does not really matter in which order you add the seasoning. As long as you do.)
  • Mix it up
  • Next -if you want more- turn on your stove
  • Spray your frying pan
  • Add in oil
  • Fry up the apples and bananas
  • Makes sure flip the slices over every 2 to 3 minutes or until golden brown
  • Be careful not to burn them
  • After they are golden on both sides you are good
  • Off the stove
  • Pull them in a bowl or plate
  • And you are done
  • Enjoy

Thanks for reading. Until next time….

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I Can’t Be Anyone Else

I can’t always be perfect, I can’t always be the someone else when I’m only me. It does not seem like I tried when I did, I tried to prove people wrong when I hoped for it, but now it’s not worth it. Never did anything to hurt you never went back on my promises, never did anything to kill my love for you. But what does it matter, you never cared, even if I had died today and you found out, you wouldn’t do anything to show me that you’re a real friend anyway, time to move on and forget you, you’re just a lost cause. I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be, being perfect in an imperfect world is what makes us all different, but being imperfect in a perfect world is what makes the difference to make a person push against their own limits.
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Can you hear me or am I a faded voice in the wind? Can you see me or am I invisible to you and not just the whole world? Can’t you feel my presence around you or am I a hologram that you walk through everyday? Am I the wind that blows in all directs that you avoid? Are my foot steps covered by the ocean and dust that you can’t see me at all? My heart bleeds the word “love”, as I fight my battle for it. As I move one step closer you move three steps back and turn away from me. As weak as i look is just as heavily broken and drowning I am. The thoughts of my pain killing me softly, taking every part of me away.

My body turns weak and still yet I’m completely invisible to you and I’m going crazy from it. As hard as i try not to make this fight my last, to keep myself from going six feet under, I… As much as I move away and try to get my second chance to start fresh, I can’t. Because everything I do still comes down to the same old situation driving me up the wall to hysteria. So I strike willing to take the battle with my last shot, I’m down to my last breath ready to win or be broken by the mold that held me up for so long.

I say my goodbyes to all those who mean so much to me. Yet who I meant so little to. This was it and I lost. Dropped six feet under, lifeless, emotionless, invisible. Forgotten. 

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