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Want To Win A Free Vacation Trip?

I don’t know if a lot of you lots on the internet have seen or know about this yet, but…the is this thing the South Korean Tourism Organization is doing for their global tourism campaign called “Write Your Name In … Continue reading

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When you see a mountain of problems do not look at it as an obstacle blocking your way but rather as a challenge to grow and become better. 

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Fast and Easy: School Lunch Sandwich

So sometimes in the mornings, especially if  I have time, I usually make my own lunch before heading out and one of my favorite lunch type I like to make is the egg sandwich as I have come to dubbed … Continue reading

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The leaves are….

The leaves are changing Yet it is not autumn The sun is too hot They say  Water  Water Give us water  We are thirsty  The leaves are changing Yet it is not autumn Sorry  We say  Drought  Drought The is … Continue reading

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Textbook Solutions

So if you are a university student and would like to buy your text books cheap, because God in heaven knows your university bookstore isn’t cheap, you can try this place. It is called textbook solutions and they promise to … Continue reading

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Jokes 1

These are some conversations jokes I have read or heard before some from online and in person. Joke 1 Person 1: “Why was six afraid of seven?”Person 2: “Why?”Person 1: “Because seven was a registered six offender”Person 2: “Bwahhaha! What?” … Continue reading

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Welcome Week

You know the best part about going back to school? Especially going  back to university? Welcome Week! The week I have dubbed on my calendar as free stuff week because that is exactly what happens at my university. We get … Continue reading

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The Poet Escape Review

So the “Poet Escape” by the author and blogger Saccheen Laign is a book about…you guessed it! Poems! And today I will be doing a review of her work. I will be giving my honest opinion on the good, the … Continue reading

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Flower picture

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First Day Back to School.

Alright so yesterday was the first day back to school for me – last fall semester ever in college *fingers cross*- and it did not start of well. First I woke up basically very late -I kept on waking up … Continue reading

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