Why not?

Why can we make excuses, but we can’t find solutions to those problems? We have plenty of resources, yet we don’t use them. We always ask the questions why? But and sometimes don’t get the answers we are really looking for. But have you ever asked the question why not. Why not find a way around the barrier that blocks all sorts of communication with people?

 Why not? 

When they give you the time of day, or a chance to communicate with them?

Why not, grab that opportunity to make amends when you can, and while you still have the time to do it. 

Why not? 

Why not, take the opportunity to do what you can instead of waiting around for others to come up with something. 

Why not? 

Why not stop the waiting and start the doing? Why not keep people talking about what they don’t know? 

Why not? 

Why not just constantly prove them wrong?

Why not? 

Why stay down so long when you’re feeling hurt and turn that emotion into a motivation to do better? Why not take that depressed feeling you have buried in your heart and use it to make a better you? 

Why not? 

You owe yourself a better future.

Why not?

Why not stop hiding and start showing the world you’re a better person, than who you were before? Why not be stronger than you were back then? Why not be someone who’s new and improved with a different aura displayed? Why not let the hurt that’s taking over you make you learn to be sure not to repeat it again? Why not keep your faith and reassure yourself that there’s always people who know you better and see how you’ve change compared to how you used to be in the past?

Why not?

Why not let your mistakes be lessons and let those lessons be stepping stones?

Why not?

For as you step closer each time you do something beneficial for yourself you become better. Why not take the time to learn about yourself before others learn about you? Why not keep the past separate from your present? And why not separate pleasure from professionalism? Why do we know how our morals stand but why do we not listen to them, knowing how wrong we are, can be, or will be? So the question is…

Why not?

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Just a self-published struggling author.
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