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I Wrote Your Name


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Blind Spot Tv Theories

So after seeing the first episode of this show I have come up with at least two theories as to who or what the mystery woman is.Theory 1: She is an time traveling agent sent into the past to change … Continue reading

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Blindspot Season 1 Episode 1 Recap and Review

BlindSpot? What I can I say? It was one of those most anticipated shows of the fall season. With a promise of action, adventure, mystery and a hint of romance BlindSpot had it all or rather it had us expecting … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

So, I took a week long vacation last week. Why? Because it was my birthday, along with a couple of friends birthday as well, week and I wanted to enjoy it. But that’s over and I am back and ready … Continue reading

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Mirror  Mirror  Masks on the wall Which one am I? Pink, green, yellow, red Mirror  Mirror  Masks on the wall  No mask I choose Mirror Mirror Masks on the wall I need you not

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Saying “I love you” and “I love you” means nothing if you can not back up your words. Saying it only does not make it so. For ones actions speaks louder then any words. So, in the words of a … Continue reading

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Fall Tv Look Forward Part 1

So theses are the shows that I am looking forward to this fall…. Angle From Hell that stars Jane Lynch. Why? Because it seems like it would be very funny and almost anything with Jane is usually funny. Usually. And kind … Continue reading

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Low gas prices and what it means

So I was driving though town and I noticed the low low price of gas at every gas station, it was beautiful, but then I started thinking. What happens when the pendulum swings the other way? I mean right now … Continue reading

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Two students are walking and conversing.Student 1:”Omg!”Student 2:”What?”Student 1:”My test grade from last week is a 99 now instanced of a 89.”Student 2:”Omg! Good job.”Student 1:” I am like so happy. That test was so hard. Praise God almighty-“Student 2:”Yeah … Continue reading

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Advantage of being a blogger

So imagine you are a blogger who have just graduated from university or whatever and is now ready for the real world. You know you need a job but you have no work experience and nothing to back up why … Continue reading

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