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The are monsters everywhereThe are monsters everywhereFrom my closet to the atticFrom ones with claws to ones with no teeth But the worst of them all is the one reflected in my mirror every morning…My evil twin. Advertisements

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Another Day

“The sun came out today and you get to live another day. What more do you want? Cheer up. It could be worse. You could be six feet under. Dead. Then what?”

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I like it when you shake meI like it when your fingers brushes against mine’sI like it when our legs bump against each other on the busI like it when you run your fingers though my hairBut most of all … Continue reading

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Job Shortage And Millennials

Q: Dear Salome, my name is Amy and I have an question about something I have notice recently. The thing that I have noticed is a rather event.  What is this thing? Well, the thing that have perk my attention the fact that not … Continue reading

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