I Can’t Be Anyone Else

I can’t always be perfect, I can’t always be the someone else when I’m only me. It does not seem like I tried when I did, I tried to prove people wrong when I hoped for it, but now it’s not worth it. Never did anything to hurt you never went back on my promises, never did anything to kill my love for you. But what does it matter, you never cared, even if I had died today and you found out, you wouldn’t do anything to show me that you’re a real friend anyway, time to move on and forget you, you’re just a lost cause. I’m not perfect and I don’t try to be, being perfect in an imperfect world is what makes us all different, but being imperfect in a perfect world is what makes the difference to make a person push against their own limits.

About imaginationdragonblog

Just a self-published struggling author.
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