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Take Yourself Back

How do you do it? How do you stay calm when so many people have done you wrong? Think about it, you yourself aren’t a saint either. How you do the dirt you do, and ask how do you do … Continue reading

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We Wear A Mask

We wear a mask, a mask that can only us for the day as we realize our true self is not to he visible to people. We wear a mask to hide our emotions from the general public to disappear … Continue reading

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Escaping Pain and Murder

She sits in the dark, she tries to reach for the light, she falls and trips, but gets back up. The light distance itself farther and farther from her, they tell her perfection is what we want and it’s not … Continue reading

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High Spirits and Low Pains

Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you have nothing to live for. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, you have nothing left to keep up with. Drown yourself, that’s what they say, no one wants anything to do with you. … Continue reading

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New Years Resolution

#2017 resolutions
#What is your resolutions for 2017?
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Two students are walking and conversing.Student 1:”Omg!”Student 2:”What?”Student 1:”My test grade from last week is a 99 now instanced of a 89.”Student 2:”Omg! Good job.”Student 1:” I am like so happy. That test was so hard. Praise God almighty-“Student 2:”Yeah … Continue reading

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Jokes 1

These are some conversations jokes I have read or heard before some from online and in person. Joke 1 Person 1: “Why was six afraid of seven?”Person 2: “Why?”Person 1: “Because seven was a registered six offender”Person 2: “Bwahhaha! What?” … Continue reading

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Welcome Week

You know the best part about going back to school? Especially going ┬áback to university? Welcome Week! The week I have dubbed on my calendar as free stuff week because that is exactly what happens at my university. We get … Continue reading

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The Poet Escape Review

So the “Poet Escape” by the author and blogger Saccheen Laign is a book about…you guessed it! Poems! And today I will be doing a review of her work. I will be giving my honest opinion on the good, the … Continue reading

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Flower picture

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