How long?

How long have I known you?
Old friend
Drifting together in the ocean that is life
How long have I loved you?
With passions like the winds
At times light and gentle
At times fast and furious
How long have you know me?
Five years?
Ten years?
All my life?
How long have you loved me?
With a steadfast love like the earth
At times strong and steady
At times weak, soft, breakable
How long?
I tend to forget
All days mashed together
How long?


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Fast and Easy Snack: Apple Banana

So sometimes am lazy -comes with being a full-time student and other things- and do not really feel like cooking “cooking”, yet I am poor so I can not really afford to go out to eat or order in -You people who can order Chinese food everyday are so luck- but am hungry. So what do I do? Well, I make snacks until I have the strength to actually cook something. One of these snacks is what I have come to dubbed over the years “Apple Banana”. Guess what this recipe needs? Yep! Apples and Bananas! Ding! Ding! Ding!!!!!!

What you need

  • Knife
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cutting board
  • Frying pan (optional)
  • Seasoning or honey or sauce
  • Bowl or plate
  • Strove

How to make it

  • First, you will need to take out your apples and bananas
  • Next, wash them
  • Then cut them up. Don’t have to be perfectly sliced.
  • Placed then in a bowl or plate afterward
  • Add seasoning/honey or sauce (Can either do it now or after frying up the apples and bananas. Does not really matter in which order you add the seasoning. As long as you do.)
  • Mix it up
  • Next -if you want more- turn on your stove
  • Spray your frying pan
  • Add in oil
  • Fry up the apples and bananas
  • Makes sure flip the slices over every 2 to 3 minutes or until golden brown
  • Be careful not to burn them
  • After they are golden on both sides you are good
  • Off the stove
  • Pull them in a bowl or plate
  • And you are done
  • Enjoy

Thanks for reading. Until next time….

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Can you hear me or am I a faded voice in the wind? Can you see me or am I invisible to you and not just the whole world? Can’t you feel my presence around you or am I a hologram that you walk through everyday? Am I the wind that blows in all directs that you avoid? Are my foot steps covered by the ocean and dust that you can’t see me at all? My heart bleeds the word “love”, as I fight my battle for it. As I move one step closer you move three steps back and turn away from me. As weak as i look is just as heavily broken and drowning I am. The thoughts of my pain killing me softly, taking every part of me away.

My body turns weak and still yet I’m completely invisible to you and I’m going crazy from it. As hard as i try not to make this fight my last, to keep myself from going six feet under, I… As much as I move away and try to get my second chance to start fresh, I can’t. Because everything I do still comes down to the same old situation driving me up the wall to hysteria. So I strike willing to take the battle with my last shot, I’m down to my last breath ready to win or be broken by the mold that held me up for so long.

I say my goodbyes to all those who mean so much to me. Yet who I meant so little to. This was it and I lost. Dropped six feet under, lifeless, emotionless, invisible. Forgotten. 

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It is not how much you have of something that counts. 
It is what you do with what you have, no matter how little, that matters
-Salome P.
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I had many dreams, but out of all of them I picked one. Knowing that I’ll never have a dream come true, until the day I found you. You inspire me from the heart, I kept that dream going as much as I could with you on my side. But when I heard that you were gone, I felt so dead in my heart. As if I was lost in a forest, When you left it was slowly killing me.

Because now I’m back to where I started, really knowing that none of my dreams will be true, now that my heart is broken to pieces that I doubt it will ever be mended back together. Soon a lifetime chance, will come and go. To get that chance for my dreams to come true, I would have to grab that chance, seize every moment from start to beginning, then I’d dedicate it to those who had supported me from the first day until the last.

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Happy New Year! Here We Come 2017!


Yay! Today is 2017! New year and hopefully new us, yes? Yes, of course! Yay! 2017! It can’t be worst then 2016!

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New Years Resolution



My new year’s resolutions for the up coming year of 2017 are not that much since I plan on accomplishing them. These are the list of resolutions I plan on achieving in the year 2017.

  1. Get a full time job in my major, business management, field. Now that I am done with college, after spending what felt like forever and changing my major not once but three times, I am finally ready and more available now to tackle a full time position instead of going the part of times like I have gone so far.
  2. Write a novel under my own name and publish it. I have always wanted to publish a novel in my own name but I have been too shy and afraid, this year I am going to put aside my fears and write a novel in my own name. If it suck or not, it won’t matter, I am going to do it anyways. I have to get over my fears of not producing the best work ever, and by best I mean a perfect novel, and just do it. Who knows maybe it won’t be so bad and people won’t hate it as much as I feared they might. Does that sounds silly? My fears? Most likely but it is my fear and I planned on overcoming it this coming year of 2017.
  3. Finished a story. Yeah because of my fears of my writing not being good enough, even if looking back on it months later after I have already lost the plot I realized the story itself wasn’t half bad, I have actually never finished any of my stories before. So this up coming year of 2017, I Salome Peah  plans on not only publishing a novel underneath my own name but also completing the stories I write, even if they do suck like the way I feared.
  4. Lose weight. Okay, I am not sure about this one because I do not even know if I have the time to go out of my way and exercise or diet or whatever in order to lose weight , but I do want to add it to this list because (a) this list seems short and (b) I usually add losing weight to my new years resolutions. Hopefully, I actually do lose some weight in the  year 2017 even if I never actually work on losing the pounds.
  5. Read more books. So, disappointedly this year, 2016, I actually never read as much as I usually do. To be honest, I do not remembered if I read anything, fiction wise, this year. If I did?  Well it is all blank in my mind so I either never read anything in the fiction section or it wasn’t  memorable enough for my to recalled it of the top of my head. How disappointing is that? I love reading and I love fiction, to not have read anything means that this year was a weird year. So, here is to hoping that next year, 2017 is better. I want to read something, remember it and love it, dang it!
  6. Learned to drive in the night-time. Yeah,I totally have fears of driving at night. Like it just seems like such an accident waiting to happened time and so i just really fear driving at night. I mean I wear glasses and sometimes can barely drive in the day, so I for one fears it might be worst at night driving. But for this up coming year, like my fears of writing a novel and publishing it and actually finishing a story I write, I am going to faced this fear of my and drive more often at night even if the is no reason whatsoever for me to be driving at night.
  7. Go out and hang with friends more often. In 2016 though I when out and was able to do a few things with my friends and classmates, I for one do not believed it was enough time spent enjoying the company of those I have labeled my friends. So, yeah…
  8. speaking of hanging out with friends more often, I also when to reconnect with my childhood buddies this up coming years. It is nice learning about what they are doing and how they are doing via facebook and all, but I would much rather liked to be the experiencing those moments with them instead of just reading about it on my facebook page.
  9. Do facebook. Yep, I barely when on facebook this year and so for 2017 I want to go on facebook more often.

So, yeah these are my list of resolutions I would liked to accomplished this coming new year of 2017. What is your new year’s resolutions for the year 2017? Leave a comment below and let us know. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Until next time my prettiest. Cheers!

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Mike Jaja A Man of Inspiration and Owner of Galleries by Jaja


Owner of Galleries by Jaja, and man of inspiration

There are men everywhere, but there is one I know who’s proven to be an inspiration. A man of his word, and a man well known for his perseverance. He does his best to keep up with his projects, he’s an inspiration to many people, and does all he can to better himself. But this man I know, not long enough to say I know him well, but enough to know that he can inspire you and give you that extra push for you to take as many shots to keep going on putting your dream out there.

His name is Mike Jaja, the owner of Galleries by Jaja. He’s a photographer, who also makes videos that everyone can relate to in life.  Although he will thank many people for his success he will always thank the one person that gave…

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Insanity, Escape, Loss


Do you ever feel like you are alone in the world and there is no one else to look to? Do you ever feel like you need a break from reality itself or a vacation from reality to refresh and come back? It’s not everyday we burn ourselves out from looking for opportunities to make money to keeping the happiness atmosphere in a home. But is it only ourselves that we seem to be looking at the most when other feel more of the burden? We play the victim role constantly thinking insanity will change the outcome everyday yet we escape from moments of reality when some are important and when some are not. We don’t expect a loss from the things we do, but we don’t even realize the loss that we have either until we come back to reality, which would be when we really lose something, or…

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Jokes 4

A/N: This is how an apple car looks like or at least might look like….

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